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  • Informed Consent

The subject has privacy rights that should not be violated without written consent. Details of identification (written or photographic) should be omitted if not important, but subject data may not be altered or forged in an attempt to achieve anonymity. Complete anonymity is difficult to achieve, and an approval form must be obtained if there is any doubt.

  • Ethics Committee Agreement

The authors must state in writing that the research is conducted under the prevailing laws and regulations. Can be seen also Helsinki declares. The Editor reserves the right to reject papers that don’t include ethical approval for manuscript derived from research with invasive actions.

  • Invasive to human intervention

A statement that the experiment was conducted with the understanding and approval of each participant, and the statement that the committee responsible and ethical has approved the trial.

  • Animal experiments

In a manuscript describing experiments in live animals, including (1) A complete description of any anaesthesia and surgical procedures used, and (2) evidence that all measures may be taken to avoid animal suffering at any stage of the experiment. In experiments involving the use of muscle pelgold, explain the precautions performed to ensure adequate anaesthesia.